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 I have a attended a number of John Cahill's Nidra Meditation classes. I often bring my 12 year old daughter who looks forward to attending. I, myself, find the combination of lite stretching and learning Qi-gong movements & mudras, a great mix with the meditation which for me often goes very deep. My daughter sleeps much more soundly after participating in his class and is more focused the next morning when she gets ready for school. John holds some of his classes at my office and if I did not find them worthwhile and helpful, I would not allow them to be held there nor have my daughter participate ! I strongly recommend this class for both experienced and beginner meditators as well as all ages ?

Winter Brook, psychic medium

I recently attended a combination meditation, stretching and qi-gong class conducted by John Cahill at the offices of Winter Brook, psychic medium in Northport NY. Under the tutelage of John Cahill, I achieved one of the deepest and most profound meditative states that I have ever achieved in a group setting. I currently run meditation circles in Maryland. I also found the qi-gong exercises taught at the class to be very useful, particularly the midriff twisting exercises designed to improve the gastrointestinal tract. John Cahill is a skilled teacher.

George Neal, Silver Springs, Maryland

As a student of John Cahill for the last six years, I can attest that the practice of an individually designed Hatha Yoga program has greatly improved my general flexibility and overall physical and mental well being. The combination of doing a series of well designed stretching exercises along with  with the discipline of spiritual meditation has become an integral part of my life. One should never believe that achieving personal improvement is limited to the earlier stage of ones life. I am living proof that under taking positive change is not only possible but is something that should guide us as we move forward in maintaining our health and well being throughout the course of our lives

Carl bucking professor of political science- Oceanside N.Y

If you enjoy the benefits of yoga especially the body and mind connection or you are considering starting to practice, you will be pleasantly surprised with instructor John Cahill.  John has a depth of knowledge and personal style in his yoga as well as his Nidra mediation classes.  He shares his experience with the class and creates a level of interest in practicing more on your own and looking forward to his next instruction.
As a new yoga student I have learned so much in regard to postures, use of props and the importance of regular practice.  With this knowledge I have been able to advance in duration and skill because of John’s amazing gift he shares in every class.  During class John will monitor individual progress and adjust postures and props to needs, such as use of a chair or wall when having balance issues.  In addition, if I felt uncomfortable with a breathwork, John gladly assisted by switching the breath to one that was more comfortable.  I have experienced John’s instruction in the many ways he offers practice in private classes, group gym classes and planned group sessions as well as modifying classes to fitness level and yoga knowledge.  The individualized attention proves to be beneficial to all, John truly has a gift to match your needs to succeed in yoga and fitness for a better life.
In our lives today, in is so important to spent time to calm and nourish our minds.  Through John’s Nidra Meditation class, I have definitely experienced the depth and result of meditation.  This class has provided increased ability to focus as well as improved ability to sleep calmly through the evening.
By combining both of John’s classes in my regular fitness program, I have enhanced my life in many ways with ongoing benefits and better physical health.
I can’t thank John enough for sharing his knowledge and special techniques through his classes. I urge anyone looking for a class to attend one John’s, you will wish you had done so sooner.

Nancy Padrone

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