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Group Sessions Available By Request

The first class will be FREE and consist of a private  assessment and partial class

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Private Yoga Lesson

A personalized plan that is a mix of the clients needs, wants and desires. Yoga will start with warm ups, yoga postures, breath work and relaxation. Sessions will be planned every week and change a little each session according to clients health and limitations. Yoga sessions can add spirituality with mantras (meditation) and chair yoga as well as  mixing elements of Qigong and reiki.


Yoga & Meditation

Class Combining Yoga and Meditation

The combination of yoga and meditation is a fantastic way to achieve balance and discipline in your life. This class will combine yoga postures with many different forms of meditation . The two of these techniques create the perfect yin - yang . We follow Ashtanga - (Eight limbs ) Which you can access in the about me section .

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Chair Yoga

Modified Yoga Class

Our Chair yoga class uses modifications of Hatha Yoga so everyone can enjoy Yoga .

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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra Meditation Class

While I was in my yoga teacher training program, yoga nidra was one of the trainings we were taught.  I was so affected by it’s results that I continued my training in this discipline over the course of 7 years.  What is yoga nidra?  Yoga nidra is an ancient “lying down” meditation where comfort is paramount.  Mats, blankets, bolsters and eye bolsters are some tools we use to achieve this.

Here are some of the basic stages of yoga nidra:

  • Sankulpa – setting intention, heart felt desire, place of comfort

  • Body Sensing

  • Breath and Energy Awareness

  • Feelings and Emotions

  • Thoughts, Images and Beliefs

  • Joy, Bliss and love

  • Awareness of the I-thought

  • Natural State of Being

A Yoga Nidra Class will be 1 hour which includes setup, light yoga postures followed by nidra for 30 minutes.  Yoga nidra is related to sleep but not hypnotism and people in yoga nidra may snore but always will be aware of their surroundings.  It is a deep relaxation that goes inward to One’s true self.  Yoga nidra can help those with insomnia and depression.  More recently yoga nidra is helping those with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Pilates Stretches

Value Class

Yoga, meditation, relaxation and chair yoga customized to users ability, wants and needs.

Catered to a Client’s tastes, breathwork, inspirational quotes, relaxation, mantras, chakras, Qi-Gong incense oil on forehead (if desired) pillows and blankets can be incorporated.  We also utilize head, neck and eye bolsters. Additional elements  include some reiki, philosophy, ashtanga (8 limbs). The Mantra we utilize is “Aad Gurey Namey” (I Bow).  This uses music and movements with spiritual intention.  Music is used for most of the class with the exception of savasana, reiki and meditations.



“Mind of Clear Light”

This class is a very intense mixture of posture, breath mantras, mudras and quotes; along with many meditation techniques. 

  • Use of mala beads (in mantra meditation), (Japai) mala

  • Standing meditation, “Inner Alchemy” (Qi Gong)

  • Tratak – Staring at a single point of concentration (candle, dot on wall)

  • Zazen Meditation (sitting facing wall)

  • Many meditation scripts and advanced breathing techniques.

Mind of Clear Light will instruct you on how to be comfortable, alert and natural during meditation yet be grounded.  This practice will help you go inward, feel emotions and increase awareness.  This is a one hour class and clients can have input into what meditation and practices are used according to its benefits to the client, what it accomplishes for them and what they enjoy.

Meditation Class

Opening the Chakras Meditation with Pranayama (Breath)

With “Lotus Flower Mudra” Or “Padma”

This meditation cleanses the Chakras by opening them and then closing them back up.  Spiritual intention is used and “Lotus Flower” is very helpful for those who practice psychic mediumship development with spiritual intention.

This 1 Hour Class includes setup, light movements and stretching.  It could also incorporate some yoga, Qi-Gong, mudras, breathwork and the use of incense.

Handouts will include:

  1. Educational Information on the Chakras

  2. Preparation for the “Lotus Flower” Meditation

  3. Execution of the “Lotus Flower” Meditation

This Class is for all levels and beginners are welcome.  Those with some yoga, meditation, Reiki or psychic mediumship development will fit extremely well.

For more information on Chakras Click Here.

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