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My name is John Cahill and i have a Hatha Yoga Certification RYT-200 which I obtained from the Darshana center in West Babylon NY.  While in my teacher training we were also taught yoga Nidra Meditation which is a lying down form that is very beneficial for stress , and especially sleep because Nidra is closely related to sleep.  While attending the training i was fortunate to have been taught by some of the finest and most respected teachers on long island .  Some  teachers were five hundred  hour trained, sections taught included children’s yoga, prenatal, anatomy and physiology, philosophy, and chair Yoga.  many were Iyengar trained which strictly promotes grounding ,alignment, breathwork and the use of modifications to be able to get into postures otherwise unattainable.I also have a 50 hr. meditation certification in 'Mind of Clear Light' from True Living in East Northport NY.  Under the tutelage of Dr.  Dean Telano.  I was trained in many forms of Meditation including Mindfulness, Mantra, Concentration, Heart Centered, Reflective, Creative,Walking (Kinhin), Standing (Qigong), Zazen (facing wall), Tratak (candle or dot on wall).  You can see how intense this training was.  Some of the techniques taught included Tibetan, Hindu and Buddhist traditions .Many forms of Breath work, Mantras and Mudras were also included in the training. I am level I and 2 Reiki trained under the tutelage of Winter Brook (Psychic Medium and Reiki Master). I have gone for additional training in Yoga Nidra at kripalu in Massachusetts, and more recently completed another Ten hour Nidra workshop back at the Darshana center in West Babylon. I graduated from Suffolk County Community College with an A.S in liberal arts and obtained my N.Y.S. assistant teacher certification.  My first article "Yoga and Meditation a mindful way to lose and maintain weight" has been published in Wisdom magazine New England edition Jan – Feb.  My second article "Yoga benefits for arthritis sufferers" was published in Wisdom may -June N.Y./Tri-state edition.  Most recently my third article "Back pain a Yoga perspective" was live on their website,and all three articles can be accessed in wisdom magazines archived articles on their website .  The name of my Yoga business is where I do  private lessons at my location or i come to you.  To contact me go to the website at or call 631-560-0283 to set up a private session.



Eight Limbs of Classical Yoga

As outlined earlier, the classical yoga viewpoint follows a strict interpretation of the Yoga Sutras – the culmination of a long development of the science of yoga that set forth a very specific path to enlightenment.  There are eight component stages, collectively referred to as Ashtanga yoga (ashta, “eight” and anga “limb”), the eight-limbed path to mystical union.  The Stages begin with a set of ethical codes and progress through physical postures, breathing exercises, and mental practices, culminating in the highest stage of absorption in the absolute.

              Here is a description of the eight limbs:

Relationship to others: Yama

Five virtues, or restraints, that govern our relationships with others and the world: ahimsa (noninjury), satya (truthfulness), asteya (non-stealing), brahmacharya (Godlike conduct, and aparigraha (non-clinging).

Relationship to Self/God: Niyama

Five observances of one’s own physical appearance, actions, words, and thoughts that govern our relationship with ourselves: shauca (purity or cleanliness), santosha (contentment), tapas (heat, burning desire for reunion with God), svadyaya (self-study or self-inquiry) and isvara pranidhana (devotion or surrender to the Lord, “thy will be done”).

Exercise to intelligence spirit: Asana

Postures for creating firmness of body, steadiness of intelligence and benevolence of spirit.  The physical practice most familiar to Westerners as yoga.

Breath: Pranayama

A set of breathing exercises designed to help the yogi master the life force.

Focus only on self: Pratyahara

Withdrawal of the senses, mind and consciousness from the outside world; focus inward on the self.

Ability to concentrate: Dharana

Focused concentration.  With the body tempered by asanas, the mind refined by the fire of pranayama, and the senses under control using pratyahara, the student reaches this sixth stage

Meditation: Dhyana

Meditation.  Withdrawing the consciousness into the soul.

Out of mind Experience: Samadhi

Ecstasy.  Merging with the devine.  Self-realization.  One experiences consciousness, truth, and unutterable joy.  One must experience samadhi in order to understand it, because it is beyond mind. (Absorption)

              The system of Classical yoga based on the Yoga Sutras has undoubtedly been the most common style of yoga taught in the West. It holds a strong appeal for the students who want a well-defined, stepwise approach to their spiritual advancement.


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